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This article provides information about the Mashro Gompa monastery of Ladakh. Check out the Mashro Monastery of Leh Ladakh, India.

Mashro Gompa

Location: Opposite bank of the Indus across the Thiksey Monastery
Founded In: First half of the 16th century
Festivals: Annual festival of oracles

Mashro Gompa of Ladakh is located on the opposite bank of the Indus River across the Thiksey Monastery. It dates back to the first part of the 16th century. The Mashro Monastery of Leh Ladakh boasts of an amazing compilation of an array of ancient and very beautiful thankas, of which some are even in the form of 'mandalas'. The monastery also serves as the venue for a festival of oracles, which takes place on an annual basis.

The festival, held in early March, is considered to be one of the important events in the religious calendar of the Ladakhis. In the preparation for the festivals, young monks are selected as oracles. These monks are required to go through meditation, fasting and ritual purification for a long period of time, to gain spiritual strength. At the time of the festival, they carry out amazing exploits with the help of swords and knives, cavorting blindfolded along narrow parapets.

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