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This article provides information about Buddhist scriptures. Also find info on classic Buddhist/Buddhism scriptures.

Buddhist Scripture

There are a large number of religious texts and scriptures in Buddhism. They are basically divided into the following two categories…

Canonical Texts
Also known as the Sutras (in Sanskrit) or Suttas (in Pali), these texts are considered to the actual sayings of Lord Buddha.

Non-canonical Texts
These texts consist of a range of observations on canonical texts, discourses on the Dharma and the compilations of quotes, histories, grammars, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned texts, there are a number of other classic scripture of the Buddhists. In the following lines, we have provided information about some of these texts...

Tripitaka (Pali Canon)
The term Tripitaka means three baskets. Initially, the text was written on long, narrow leaves, which were sewn at the edges, grouped into bunches and then, stored in baskets. It is one of the earliest compilations of Buddhist teachings. Over the years, many new observations were added to this text and today, it consists of up to 50 volumes. The collection is also known as Tipitaka (in Pali) or the Pali Canon.

Mahayana Sutras
Tripitaka is considered as a very sacred text by the Mahayana sect of Buddhism. However, it is not the only text in Mahayana. Infact, it has been added to the Mahayana Sutras, which particularly reflect Mahayana concepts. Mahayana Buddhism developed between 200 BCE and 200 CE and this is the time when most of the Mahayana Sutras were written. There are over two thousand Mahayana sutras, of which the most important ones are Lotus Sutra and Heart Sutra.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
The Tibetan Book of the Dead is the Tibetan text written by a Tibetan monk. It explains the stages of death from the Tibetan point of view. The experiences of a person at the stages of dying, at the moment of death, during the 49-day interval between death and rebirth and at rebirth is recorded in this book.

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