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This article provides information about the Champanagar district of Bihar. Check out Champanagar, India.


Location: Bhagalpur district, Bihar
Highlights: Buddha delivered many sermons here

Champanagar BiharChampanagar is situated in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar, India. It lies at a distance of approximately 220 km away from the capital city of Patna. The significance of this place stems from the fact that it had the fortuity of being visited by Lord Buddha a number of times. Also, it served as the venue of a number of sermons delivered by Lord Buddha himself. He conveyed the Kandaraka Sutta (from The Middle Length Discourses), the Sonadanda Sutta (from The Long Discourses) and numerous other significant discourses at Champanagar.

The place derives its name from the numerous Champaka trees that have been planted here. One of the attractions of Champanagar is a tank, known as Gaggara's Lotus Lake, popular for the splendid lotuses that grow there. On the banks of the lake is a huge plantation of Champaka trees, which used to be the most favored spot of Lord Buddha. To the left of the lake is a large water body, known as Sarovana Talab. A number of Buddha statues were found in 1900s, when the lake was cleaned.

How to Reach Champanagar

By Air
Patna airport is the nearest to Champanagar.

By Rail
The nearest railway station from Champanagar is that of Bhagalpur.

By Road
Champanagar can be easily reached from Bhagalpur by road.

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