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Find out information about Hajipur in Bihar. Hajipur houses some of the ashes of Ananda, the disciple of Lord Buddha.


Location: Approximately 10 km from Patna, Bihar
Highlights: Houses some of the ashes of Ananda

Hajipur is a small village situated in the state of Bihar. It lies at a distance of approximately 10 km from the capital city of Patna. In the ancient time, it was known as Ukkacala and was the first village to come after crossing River Ganga at Patna. The village of Hajipur gained significance, as it was the venue of one of the discourses given by Lord Buddha. Buddha preached the Cula Goplalaka Sutta, a Middle Length Discourse, here. Along with that, it also houses some of the ashes of Ananda, the closest disciple and personnel attendant of Lord Buddha.

There is a legend associated with the Hajipur village in India. It is believed that Ananda, after realizing that his end was drawing near, decide to move towards the north of Rajgir town. As soon as King Ajatashatru came to know about this, he went after Ananda, escorted by his entire staff. Soon the news of Ananda's arrival reached the people of Vaishali and they started gathering at the banks of the River Ganga to welcome him. By the time King Ajatashatru caught up with Ananda, he was already in the middle of the river.

People of Vaishali, from one bank, and King Ajatashatru, from the other, started requesting him to come over to their side. In order to avoid disappointment and possible conflict, Ananda rose into the air and disappeared into a ball of flames. His ashes fell on both the banks of the river. On either bank, a stupa was built at the same spot where the ashes fell. With the river changing its course over time, the stupa on the southern bank got washed away. Even the one on the northern bank is now a grassy mound. Over this mound a Hindu temple has been built, known as Ramchaura Mandir.

How to Reach Hajipur

By Air
The nearest airport of Patna is well connected with almost all the major cities in India.

By Rail
Hajipur has a railway station of its own.

By Road
There are frequent bus and taxi services for Hajipur, from Patna.

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