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This article provides information about Pragbodhi, Bihar. Check out Prag Bodhi, India.


Location: Near Gaya, Bihar
Highlights: Prince Siddhartha stayed here for some time before his enlightenment
Attractions: A small temple and a number of ancient stupas

Pragbodhi Mountain is situated near Gaya district in the state of Bihar. The name Pragbodhi literally means 'Prior to Enlightenment'. The mountain derives its name from the sojourn of Prince Siddhartha here, before he received enlightenment. He spent six years in rigorous practice of asceticism, after which he attained enlightenment. One of the places where he spent these six years came to be known by the Pragbodhi.

Today, the mountain has been renamed as Dhungeswara. As per the legends in Buddhism, Prince Siddhartha spent the time of his asceticism in a small cave half way up this mountain. The same spot now houses a small temple, looked after by Tibetan monks. A number of ancient stupas stand adorning the top of the Prag Bodhi Mountain of India.

How to reach Pragbodhi

By Air
The airport at Gaya is the nearest to Pragbodhi.

By Rail
The nearest railway station of Gaya is well connected with almost all the major cities in Bihar.

By Road
There are regular bus and taxi services between Gaya and Pragbodhi.

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