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This article provides information about the Gurpa, a small village in Bihar. Check out Gurpa, India.


Location: Approximately 33 km from Gaya, Bihar
Highlights: Associated with Maha Kassapa, Buddha's successor

Gurpa is a small village, situated in the state of Bihar. It lies at a distance of approximately 33 km from Gaya, a Buddhist pilgrim destination in India. The village is considered as significant because of its association with Maha Kassapa, the successor of Lord Buddha. It is believed that Maha Kassapa was on his way to Kukkutapadagiri, his favorite hill resort. However, enroute he realized that his life was drawing to its end.

Throughout the way, rocks kept on hampering his progression. With his staff, he made the rocks open up and give him way. The moment he reached the top of the mountain, the rocks threw apart. He went inside the opening and fell into a deep meditative trance and the rocks closed around him. The legend in Buddhism goes that when Maitreya (the future Buddha) comes into this world, he will go to Kukkutapadagiri.

There, he will wake up Maha Kassapa and receive Buddha's robe from him. Only after this, will he start announcing the new dispensation. This sacred mountain of Kukkutapadagiri is now called Gurpa. A few Hindu and Buddhist shrines and antiquities are located at the top, near the cave.

How to Reach Gurpa
One can easily reach Gurpa from Gaya, situated about 33 km away.

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