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This article provides information about Don, Bihar. Check out Dona's Stupa, India.


Location: Bihar
Highlights: Enshrines the vessel in which Lord Buddha's ashes were kept

Don is situated in the state of Bihar. There is a legend associated with Don. It is believed that after the cremation of the mortal remains of Lord Buddha, an argument ensued between his four disciples over the division of his ashes. All of them agreed to hand over the task of division to a Brahmin, known as Dona. The Brahmin distributed the ashes in a very equitable manner. The disciples were so content with his distribution that they presented him with the vessel in which the ashes had been stored.

The Brahmin built a stupa to enshrine the holy vessel. Known as Dona's stupa, it has been presently reduced to a grassy mound. Over this mound is built a Hindu temple, where the statue of Tara, carved in the 9th century AD, is worshipped as a Hindu goddess. The entire episode relating to the distribution of the ashes as well as the presentation of the vessel is mentioned in the end of the Mahaparinibbana Sutra. Dona's Stupa was also visited by Hiuen Tsang, the Chinese traveler, and is mentioned in his account of travels in India.

How to Reach Don
One can easily reach Don from Patna.

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