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Indasala Cave is located near Rajgir in Bihar. Lord Buddha delivered numerous sermons at Indasala.

Indasala Cave

Location: Near Rajgir, Bihar
Highlights: Lord Buddha gave a number of discourses here
Attractions: Hansa Stupa

Indasala Cave is situated near Rajgir in the state of Bihar. It lies at the base of a sharp cliff, halfway up the side of Giriyek Mountain. On the top of the mountain stands the Hansa Stupa. The Hansa Stupa holds the distinction of being the most complete stupa in India, till date. Hiuen Tsang, the famous Chinese traveler also visited this stupa. The stupa as well as the story behind its construction finds a mention in the accounts of his travels in India.

The Indasala Cave is an important Buddhist pilgrim destination in India, as it served as the venue of one of the most thoughtful discourses given by Lord Buddha, known as the Sakkapanha Sutra. Also, a number of verses of Dhammapada, namely 206, 207 and 208, were given by Buddha here only. The Indasala Caves also served as the residence of Buddhasrijnana, the famous commentator on the Guhyasamaja Tantra, for some time.

How to reach Indasala Cave

By Air
The nearest airport is that of Gaya.

By Rail
Rajgir railway station is the nearest to Indasala Caves and is well connected with Gaya.

By Road
Regular buses as well as taxi services are available from Rajgir to Indasala Caves.

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