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Vikramsila was an important center of Buddhist learning. Vikramsila also developed as a famous center of Tantric Buddhism in India.


Location: Near Bhagalpur, Bihar
Highlights: One of the most important centers of Tantric Buddhism in 8th century
Attractions: Vikramasila University

Vikramsila is a town situated in the state of Bihar, India. It lies at a distance of approximately 40 km from the city of Bhagalpur. One of the popular Buddhist destinations in India, Vikramshila cannot boast of a direct relation with Lord Buddha. It is mainly renowned for being one of the most significant centers of Tantric Buddhism, in the 8th century AD. It also houses the famous Vikramasila University, the main intellectual as well as learning center of Tantric Buddhism.

The University was built under the patronage of Dharmapala, a Pala king. Also known as Paramasaugata (meaning, the chief worshipper of the Buddha), he was a great follower of the Mahayana sect of Buddhism. The center of the university once had a huge temple, adorned with a life-size copy of the Mahabodhi tree. It is said that approximately 108 temples were constructed around it. Out of these, almost 53 temples were dedicated to the study of the Guhyasamaja Tantra.

The entrance of the main temple stood guarded by two brilliant statues of Nagarjuna and Atisa Dipankar (a great scholar of the Vikramasila University). Vikramshila also lies very close to Champanagar, another famous Buddhist destination in Bihar.

How to reach Vikramasila

By Air
Patna airport is the nearest from Vikramasila.

By Rail
The railway station is in Kahalgaon.

By Road
Vikramasila is well connected with Patna, Gaya, Bodhgaya, Bhagalpur and Kahalgaon, by road.

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